Olivia Harvey
Updated Oct 11, 2017 @ 2:54 pm

Listen up, children of the ’90s. We’ve got some great news regarding Rugrats Reptar Bars, and it might just make your week (just kidding — it definitely will). Our favorite green frosting-filled chocolate bars are making a comeback at FYE stores right now and we need to get our little Reptar dinosaur hands on them ASAP.

For Your Entertainment shared their nostalgic news on social media last week, including a warning that Reptar Bars will turn your tongue green — which is a total selling point, in our opinion.

According to FoodBeast.com, the Rugrats-themed chocolate bars will be sold in-store. Fortunately, heading to a FYE store will be just as nostalgic as chomping down on a Reptar Bar.

Along with the chocolate bars, FYE is also rolling out Reptar Cereal, available now for pre-order. Similar to Froot Loops, Reptar Cereal has “monster flavor in every bite,” so you won’t be disappointed.

People on Twitter are stoked about the return of the Reptar Bar. Ah, when neon green was all the rage on Nickelodeon — that was the time to be alive.

And honestly, this Twitter user had the genius idea to have Reptar Bars come in pairs. Eat one, save the other for your Rugrats collection.

FYE, do you see this?

We don’t know about you guys, but we’re headed down to the mall to check out our local FYE store. We apologize in advance if we end up buying the entire stock of Reptar Bars before you get there. We’ll do anything we have to for peak nostalgia feels.