Chelsea Duff
February 05, 2017 3:19 pm
Heinz / Instagram

So this is new information for us, but it seems like people on Twitter have really strong feelings about ketchup. And we guess that makes sense seeing as ketchup is one of the top favorite condiments (beat out this past year only by Sriracha).

After uncovering the best way to get ketchup out of the bottle, we didn’t think there were many more condiment discoveries to be had. But it turns out there was at least one left: Twitter just discovered that people seriously disagree about where to store their condiments.

It’s fridge vs. pantry for ketchup storage.

And people are getting fired up. It all started back in January with this tweet.

Fridge won by a long-shot, but don’t think that means pantry-supporters don’t have equally strong opinions.

One observant Twitter user had an important insight to share.

But that didn’t change anyone’s mind once it had already been made up.

Quickly, things devolved into chaos with Twitter users coming at each other and getting into fights.

It even drove families apart.

Lines were drawn in the sand, and people took their sides.

That’s when the professionals got dragged into the fray.

The football professionals, that is. Not the condiment professionals. (We already know where Heinz stands on the subject.)

Amidst the drama, some chose to opt out entirely.

And others just kept doing their own thing.

Honestly, we’re just glad nobody’s brought “catsup” into the mix.

That’s one discussion we don’t need to have.

In the meantime, we’ll go back to chowing down on our chicken wings. But don’t get us started on ranch vs. blue cheese.