Oh, the holiday season. I really love the holiday season, but it is just a bit different as an adult. Instead of not being able to sleep because I can’t wait to see what Santa brought me, I am not able to sleep because I’m stressed about traffic, travel time, and who’s coming to dinner. I fully understand why my mother has never been big on Christmas.

But one thing has never changed–my love for holiday commercials. I know we all grumble and groan that the day after Halloween marks advertiser’s time to shove Christmas down our throats, but I love it. There is something about a holiday commercial that makes me all warm and fuzzy.

These vintage holiday commercials will get you all in your feelings about the holiday season.

Cool Whip
Now maybe I love this commercial because I am super obsessed with how delicious Cool Whip is. When I was a kid, I could have easily consumed an entire container by myself. As an adult, I definitely can consume an entire container by myself. Cool Whip is the best and it is super reminiscent of the holidays.

In this 1992 commercial that I hope you all remember as well as I do, we get to see adults eating pie with Cool Whip on it, happy children dipping cookies into Cool Whip, and even Santa himself enjoying a scoop of it. It’s lip-smacking good! And adorable.

“Again, for a limited time this year, you’ll find a very special Countdown-to-Christmas poster…”

That voice reminds me so much of Christmas. This commercial played during Christmas specials that we had taped on VHS—which means I watched it a lot. I remember how much I loved the idea of putting cotton balls on a Santa calendar like the elves do in this commercial.

Though I rarely drink 7-Up, I agree that it really is “the feeling of Christmas,” if only for the nostalgia.

McDonalds had a few excellent holiday commercials when I was a kid. I enjoyed the one with Lindsey, the little girl who wants to run away from home and go to McDonald’s (I mean, who doesn’t?) but the one that stands out to me the most was the one called “The Snowman.”

We see a little kid build a snowman while magical music plays throughout. The kid draws a clown-like face on the snowman and all of a sudden, Ronald McDonald himself shows up and helps her finish the magic by building the snowman a friend.

Listen, to be completely honest, if you are afraid of clowns or know anything about stranger danger or both, you might hate this commercial in your adult life. Watching it now, I am reminded of how much I loved it as a kid but I can totally see why some people might not be that into it.

Who doesn’t remember this awesome commercial? Set to the tune of a jazzy version of “Let It Snow,” we literally get to watch a snowman melt into a child. Is that creepy? Kinda, but you know what? Campbell’s makes everything mmm, mmm better—even the holidays.

1992 was a great year for commercials, apparently. Though we all know that Coca-Cola rules Christmas, this commercial really shows why. While a dad fixes his car, a little kid gets to see Santa and his reindeer drive on by. Santa stops by the vending machine to grab a Coke (like you do) and the boy tries to tell his dad about it.

Obviously his dad thinks he’s talking about Santa Claus on the can of Coke and not IRL, but parents never believed their kids in the 90s. It’s all par for the course.

Hershey’s Kisses
This list would be nowhere near complete without the Hershey Kiss commercial. We all know it, we all love it. I don’t like anyone wishing me a “Merry Christmas” as much as I like this adorable commercial wishing me a Merry Christmas.

It also very much does its job because I almost always want a Hershey Kiss after I watch it–every single year of my life.

All videos and featured image via YouTube.