Christina Wolfgram
Updated May 07, 2015 @ 12:13 pm
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How often do you find yourself wishing that the restaurant where you’re eating had better lighting? Maybe the romantic candles are casting weird shadows on your lasagna, or the overhead lamps make everything look a gross shade of orange. And how do you feel about plating? Perhaps your salad is a magnum opus of greens and purples and reds, but the plate is an ugly gray. These are the kind of details that can make or break a beautiful Instagram photo.

Carmel Winery in Israel completely understands. The company recently teamed up with a restaurant in Tel Aviv called Catit to create the most photogenic meal imaginable. Five colorful courses are served on specially designed plates that enable, nay, encourage photo-taking.

“The Limbo” has a slot to balance your phone and a raised back to block out any distractions from the background, making sure the food is the star of any photo. #soclever

“The 360” looks like a fairly normal plate, but is actually built on a turntable so that customers can rotate the plate and capture a delectable video.

Carmel Winery also provides food-photography lessons from one of the world’s most renown culinary photographers, Dan Perez during the meal. So, not only are patrons being served fabulous food, they are also getting an art lesson. It sounds amazing (and looks amazing, too).

Catit and Carmel Winery encourage Instagrammers to tag their masterpieces with #fdgr. The hashtag has inspired foodies around the world to step up their food-tography skills. I’m going to study these and see if I can mimic this gorgeous style when I snap a quick pic of my mac ‘n’ cheese at lunch. Wish me #luck!

(Images via here, here, here, and here.)