Alyssa Moore
March 05, 2017 1:30 pm
Enoteca Maria/Facebook

Pretty much everyone knows that there’s nothing better than home cooking. Especially your grandmother’s home cooking. It’s basically a scientific fact. And there’s always that one dish that makes us feel like all’s right with the world.

Wouldn’t it be awesome if our grandmothers could cook for us all the time?

Well, one restaurant is making that dream a reality.

At Enoteca Maria in Staten Island, New York, there’s not a single professional chef in sight.

The kitchen is staffed entirely by nonnas (Italian for “grandmothers”) from all over the world.

Brb, headed to New York.

Every night, a different nonna designs the menu and does the cooking. Initially, Enoteca Maria hired only Italian grandmothers, until it went international in July of last year.

Now the nonnas hail from all corners of the globe: Sri Lanka, Japan, Russia, Colombia, Armenia, the Philippines. But despite their different culinary backgrounds, they’ve got a lot in common.

Mofsessian left her war-torn native country three years ago, but showcases some of its most delicious dishes at Enoteca Maria.

And the grandmothers are willing to share even more than a meal.

They also teach free one-on-one classes for other women, teaching them how to cook incredible meals from diverse cultures. Some of the women go on to become chefs themselves.

The only catch? Like the restaurant itself, these classes fill up months in advance! (Darn.)

On Twitter, Great Big Story shared this great short video about the grandmothers and their amazing cooking:

Table for everyone, please!