Briana Hansen
May 11, 2016 12:38 pm

Obviously we believe there’s no wrong way to eat a Reese’s. That’s a given. What’s harder to believe (but totally might be happening and we’re beside ourselves with excitement for it) is that it might be possible to make an already delicious Reese’s cup somehow even tastier.

It sounds impossible, right? Well, that’s what we thought, too, before a leaked picture on Facebook made us see otherwise. The picture shows Reese’s pieces inside a Reese’s cup, an idea so amazing that only a mad scientist who craved world-domination through overwhelming people’s tastebuds with deliciousness could have come up with. At least that’s what we assume.

While the leaked picture on its own was enough to send everyone up in a chocolatey peanut butter-inspired tizzy, the Reese’s Facebook page itself isn’t exactly denying the rumor. In fact, they have a who series of #cupfusion (a delightfully clever play on words) posts that seems to be confirming that this mouth-watering concoction is on its way to us very soon.

Like, when we see a post like this about Reese’s cup’s dream, we can only assume the Reese’s company will make this a reality (and, in doing so, make all our dreams come true).

Of course, we want answers right now as much as we want to taste this delicious dessert mixture. But we have to admit, the way Reese’s is only hinting at the new candy and not giving us specifics is actually pretty fun.

If they’re spending so much time building anticipation for this sweet treat, they must really know how good it is. Which means we’ll just have to keep patiently wiping the drool from our mouths as we anxiously anticipate actually getting to taste what all the #cupfusion is about.