Kathryn Lindsay
June 09, 2016 5:55 am

We ~love~ when what we’ve been doing all along is actually a really good idea. Okay, so maybe drinking red wine doesn’t do anything for your hair, but according to celebrity hairstylist John Blaine, red wine does have some super important properties. MarieClaire.com reports on his new haircare line, Vine de la Vie, and how red wine is the secret ingredient.

According to Vine de la Vie’s Instagram, their products, consisting of shampoos, conditioners, elixirs, masks, and serums, contain a wine extract that’s surprisingly good for your hair.

MarieClaire.com broke down the science, explaining that the magic happens thanks to the active polyphenols, which detoxify, strengthen, and repair damaged hair, leaving the user with totally unparalleled locks.

Considering you can’t get the same effects by pouring red wine straight into your shampoo, the $35-$45 price tags are pretty reasonable. While nothing will be able to give us hair as perfect as Rapunzel, we can get the next best thing by just using a pump or two of Vine de la Vie.

Now, we just have to hope that all of our other favorites foods and drinks are filled with secret hair-enriching ingredients as well. If I apply Nutella, will that make my hair grow faster? On second thought, I’ll just stick with eating it.

The CW / giphy.com