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Credit: Instagram/The Good Sort

This article originally appeared in Extra Crispy.

Though it looks like just another multilayered, multicolored, and totally Instagrammable drink, the Rainbow Latte from The Good Sort, in Manhattan’s Chinatown, is actually a nice break from some of the other over-the-top, magic-inspired drinks to which we’ve been subjected over the last couple of months. That’s because, unlike some of the other rainbow drinks you’ve been seeing on Instagram, this is actually a somewhat healthy Rainbow Latte. It’s sweetened with agave, not cane sugar, and assembled with non-dairy milks. Plus, the bright, bold colors come from all-natural ingredients—beetroot for the pink, turmeric for the yellow, and blue algae for the blue-green. All of these ingredients confer their own health benefits, too; turmeric, for example, can serve as an anti-inflammatory agent.

The trick to making this rainbow latte? It all has to do with density of the milk. The baristas use milks that have different weights, and start by pouring the heaviest and end with the lightest. The beetroot with oat milk goes first, followed by a layer of turmeric and almond milk. The lightest layer is the blue algae with coconut milk, which floats on the top. The layers actually separate slightly as the drink settles, creating that magical rainbow effect. It’s spiced with black pepper, ginger, and cayenne, for a bit of kick, so this is one rainbow latte that really does taste as good as it looks.