Ashley McDonald
Updated Feb 04, 2015 @ 7:56 am
Wednesday Cat__372W

Wednesdays are either a good or bad thing, depending on whether you look at the coffee cup as half full or half empty. Sometimes they’re great–the week is going well and only two days till Friday!

Other Wednesdays, you feel less like a human and more like a machine running on suuuper low battery power (like, 8 percent). You’re scrambling about like crazy—going to three long classes in a row, running endless errands at work, frantically studying for two tests you have on Thursday, trying to please your boss but still make time for lunch. Basically, you’re riding the struggle bus long distance. These quotes will stop the vehicle and help pull you off.

Because there’s nothing left to do after you bombed that French quiz, or ran out of money for drinks on Friday.

Even if you DID spill your tomato soup with cheese dumplings all over somebody at work, apologize, breathe and focus on the positive. It’s a beautiful thing you didn’t spill it on two people, right? #PositiveThoughts

Your roommate’s on your case; your mom’s on your case; your friend, brother, significant other’s on your case. Is it OK to make a mimosa on a Wednesday?! Just take a step back and think about whether the fight’s worth it. It’s probably not.

It won’t, guys. It just won’t. You can fret and fret about the most futile occurrences that in no way are under your control or within your power, but why? You’re just inflicting interpersonal harm on yourself, and no good can come of it.

Instead, look forward. To Friday.

No explanation needed.

Self-esteem can totally take a dive in the middle of the week. Excuse yourself to the restroom, freshen up your lipstick and hold your chin high for the rest of the week–it’s awesome to be you!

Go ahead and eat that Dove bar. Because LOGIC.

When you’re in a slump, raising somebody else up is a great way to pick yourself back up. Seriously, tell a stranger how fabulous her hair is or how much you love her writing. Watch her glow. You’ll get all gooey inside.

So order another grande latte on a Wednesday. You earned it.

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