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This classic college party game just got a lot more magical. While beer pong can be pretty fun on its own, the addition of Quidditch rings, beaters bats, and a Golden Snitch take it to a whole new level. The creators of Unofficial Quidditch Pong have done just that, manufacturing the ultimate miniature Quidditch set that turns your basic beer pong match into a rousing Quidditch adventure faster than you can say “Accio PBR.”

The rules aren’t much different, they just get a little more complicated. For instance, three Quidditch rings are placed between the two teams of cups, and there’s a special Snitch cup located a little farther away. Teams can also cast spells and block shots with the bats, but before you dive in, make sure you look over the rules on the website.

Unfortunately, we weren’t the only muggles to hear about this new game. At only $37.99, it’s not surprising that everybody wanted a piece of the magic, and the set is officially sold out until further notice. You can, however, put your name on the notification list and, while you wait, watch all the Harry Potter films in your pajamas. You know, for research purposes.

(Image via Warner Bros and Unofficial Quidditch Pong)