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If for some reason you gave up carbs and sugar for the new year (our thoughts are with you), you can satisfy your sweet tooth with Rommy de Bommy’s delectable line of carb-inspired accessories. Her bags look literally good enough to eat – don’t try it though, you might put a dent in your supercute new bag.

Fashion has been pulling inspiration from the food world for awhile now – Moschino released a McDonald’s inspired line last year, and Chanel hosted a runway show in a pop-up supermarket. Betsey Johnson released a collection of bags shaped like donuts, slices of cake, and pancake mix last year. It’s no wonder indie designers are taking note – or vice versa. However, Rommy de Bommy’s renditions have an added level of sophistication. While they definitely have a bright, comic book-style vibe, they’re still elegant and highly wearable.

Rommy Kuperus, the Netherlands-based designer behind the line, styles and models her purses on her very FOMO-inducing Instagram account. She’s designed bags based on pasta shapes, ice cream cones, candy, pancakes, donuts, cake, cotton candy, waffles, and any other delicious carb you can think of. She also has bags and accessories designed after tampons, pads, and chewed gum.

On her Etsy page, Rommy describes her designs as, “full of energy, a complete colour explosion with sense of humour. I like to look at products in a different way and go against the rules, because that will create that unique product.” These are definitely unique. The bags aren’t huge, but they’re big enough to house the essentials: phone, keys, wallet, lip gloss, and maybe some even some snacks.

(Images via Instagram