Calling all pumpkin spice lovers — pumpkin spice sushi is now a thing. For real. How do we feel about this?

As reported by Seventeen, the pumpkin tempura mango roll is being served at Sushi Sushi, a restaurant in New York City. The autumn-inspired delicacy is described as a “spicy tuna roll, but with pumpkin and mango instead of tuna,” by Sushi Sushi manager Igor Ginsberg in Gothamist.

For those who are both skeptical and oh so ready to embrace the newest addition to the pumpkin spice universe, there’s good news. On October 19th, Sushi Sushi will be offering free pumpkin tempura mango rolls from 1-5 p.m. at their New York location. If you can’t make that, don’t fret too much — the roll will be available for purchase until the end of the month.

Are there any depths that pumpkin spice will not reach? The flavor is pretty unstoppable — so, somehow, we don’t think we’ll be reaching peak pumpkin spice any time soon.