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It’s fall, which, obviously, means the takeover of the PSL. But lovers of pumpkin spice lattes and, er, special chocolate, prepare to rejoice like never before, because PSL-inspired edibles exist. Like, for real. And, guys, it’s OK to be excited. We won’t tell.

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These pumpkin spice chocolate bars are sold by G FarmaLabs, and they sound ridiculously yummy.

Known as Liquid Gold Bars, these ~special chocolate~ beauties have 35 mg of THC per serving, with a total of 210 mg per bar. Created in California (duh), you can get one for $20, or, if you’re super devoted, you can get a case of 24 for a little under 500 bucks. This is one snack that takes some serious dedication, but, like, come on, guys. How could you not be curious about these?!

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According to Mic, the bars are sold at dispensaries in California and Washington, and the Liquid Gold bars have the highest THC concentration in a chocolate bar.

And they’ve been selling like hotcakes, or, well, like PSL chocolate that can get you high.

GFarmaLabs founder Ata Gonzalez explained that the bars have been a *huge* success, saying,

Clearly someone overestimated the world’s devotion to the PSL!