Extra Crispy
Updated Aug 11, 2017 @ 11:28 am
Credit: Getty Images/Poike

Anyone who’s ever been to college for even five seconds has probably played beer pong. Maybe you even have your favorite red Solo cup formations to sink that perfect shot. Hell, you may even have a favorite cheap beer that goes down easier when you’re forced to chug the whole cup of it. However, if you’ve never been a beer person but still want to play games that get you drunk, there’s a new option for you. Originally reported by Refinery29, a Texas-based party supply store called Talking Tables recently released Prosecco Pong, which Refinery calls the “grown-up version” of its college cousin.

The kit costs $25 and includes prosecco glasses—plastic, so you don’t drunkenly break them, and wide-glass, so you can actually get the ball in. There’s no bubbly included, but at least you get millennial pink ping pong balls, because it wouldn’t be a trendy 2017 game without millennial pink.

Credit: Courtesy of Talking Tables

That said, if prosecco isn’t your thing, you could, of course, fill up the glasses with anything you desire. Rosé, to match the ping pong balls; red wine, if you’re into more robust tastes; vodka, if you hate yourself. But if you do decide to go the prosecco route, you can complete the aesthetic by buying prosecco table lights to match at $15.99 a pack from the company. Just make sure to drink a lot of water as you play, because a prosecco hangover is cruel indeed.