Kenya Foy
Updated Mar 22, 2017 @ 5:56 pm

Usually when we hear about a new twist on our snack food favorites, our taste buds become overwhelmed with glee at the mere prospect of having another option to satisfy our cravings. But this proposed Kit Kat flavor *might* have an odd smell, and frankly, we’re kind of worried that it might impact our ability to enjoy the chocolate-covered wafers.

Since we would never turn our backs on chocolate, we’re approaching this situation with a chin-up attitude. We welcomed the emergence of Kit Kat sushi with wide-open arms (and mouths), so why not give durian-flavored Kit Kats a try as well?

As Food and Wine reports, the fruit-flavored candy could become a reality in Thailand, if the country’s Minister for Tourism and Sports Kobkarn Wattanavrangkul has his way. He told Thailand’s Daily News that he was currently discussing the durian-flavored candy idea with Kit Kat, along with tamarind and mangosteen flavors as well.

Sounds delightful! Well, except for the fact that durian fruit smells absolutely terrible.

In fact, Smithsonian magazine recounted food writer Richard Sterling’s description of the odorous yet nutritious fruit as a combination of “turpentine and onions, garnished with a gym sock” that can be “smelled from yards away.”

Like, are we sure we want to eat that? Hopefully the execs at Nestle will give this idea some serious mulling over while feverishly munching on cookie dough Kit Kats, considering the fact that chocolate helps with concentration.

They’re going to need all the assistance in the world to make sure the smell of durian-flavored Kit Kats doesn’t interfere with candy lovers’ desire to taste them.