Kenya Foy
Updated Jan 10, 2017 @ 9:51 am
Procter & Gamble Buys Sara Lee Corp.'s Ambi Pur Brand
Credit: Jin Lee/Bloomberg via Getty Images

One of your favorite potato chip brands is ditching the potato in its newest product. Pringles has a line of potato-free chips heading for a store shelf near you in mid-January, Delish reports. The forthcoming snacks have a pretty unusual name as well: Pringles Loud.

Our guess is these new chips are either obnoxiously crunchy or the brand refuses to be quiet about its potato-free pride, but here’s one thing we know for certain: the new Pringles Loud are made from corn, grain and veggies. But don’t try to substitute them for brussels sprouts because they are absolutely not being touted as a healthier alternative to the original chips.

“We’re not trying to convey that the new crisps are better for you,” said Kurt Simon, senior director of marketing of Kellogg, which recently opened a cereal-only restaurant in New York.

So, basically Pringles just wants to hit us with something fresh and new to satisfy our late night junk food cravings. Well, far be it from us to complain about the chance to expand our snack options.

Instead, we say, bring it, Pringles. Let’s see if we can’t eat just one of these flavor-filled veggie crisps, which come in five mouthwatering flavors: Fiery Chili Lime, Mighty Margherita Pizza, Salsa Fiesta, Spicy Queso and Super Cheesy Italian.

But back to this name for a sec. Clearly, Pringles’ parent company Kellogg isn’t afraid to step outside of the snack box with inventive names and restaurant ideas, but what made them divert from the typical names like BBQ, sour cream & onion and original?

According to this review Junk Food Guy posted in September, the name definitely has nothing to do with excessive crunch, but it may have to do with the flavor. After sampling the Pringles LOUD Intensely Tangy Tomato Basil chips, he wrote:

Sounds totally NOMNOM-worthy, right? Consider us sold.