Sammy Nickalls
Updated Apr 20, 2016 @ 5:55 am
popcorn with a hair straightener

Is your microwave broken? Don’t have a stove? Well, don’t give up on your ultimate popcorn dreams, as long as you have a hair straightener and a lot of time on your hands!

OK, obviously that’s a joke, but the Internet has been proving that you can, indeed, pop kernels of popcorn with a hair straightener, because that’s information we all needed to know. One YouTube user uploaded a 16-second video in which she placed a kernel inside their own straightener. At first, we were like, “OK, this could never work.” But then. . .

Credit: Giphy

OMG IT WORKS. The video, which was likely inspired by a Japanese Twitter user who upload a video of hair straightener popcorn earlier this month, has since received almost a million views in the past three days alone.

“I’ve really come out of my shell after watching this,” wrote one punny YouTube commenter. “I’d rather watch this than the. . . debates,” wrote another.

So shall we all toss out our microwaves and opt for our hair straighteners during a Netflix binge? Uh, no, please don’t do that. But still, it’s interesting to know. KNOWLEDGE IS POWER, guys. Check out the full video below, because it’s strangely satisfying to watch, for some reason.