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July 24, 2017 5:00 pm
Getty Images/Lew Robertson

Pop Rocks pizza was the only logical conclusion to a year of mermaid toast, unicorn Frappuccinos and cotton candy-wrapped ice cream cones.

The restaurant Industry Kitchen, located in New York’s South Street Seaport neighborhood, has rolled out a fluorescent pizza for summer. The “Pop Candy Land Pizza,” which the restaurant says is “unicorn-inspired,” has a rainbow sugar-cookie crust and is topped with cream cheese frosting, Pop Rocks, cotton candy and sprinkles.

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Executive chef Braulio Bunay says the inspiration for the pie—basically a glorified cookie cake—came to him after spotting a rainbow over the Hudson River, though we imagine the existence of Instagram played a part, too.

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“The Pop Candy Land Pizza came about after one of those rainy days in N.Y.C.,” Bunay says. “When the rain was over, a rainbow appeared on the Hudson River. I had a beautiful view at the restaurant, and I thought that a rainbow pizza would be a great idea.” He says he owes partial credit to his daughter, who loves Pop Rocks and introduced him to them.

The pie, which costs $18, is offered alongside another unconventional gimmick pizza: the “24K,” a $2,000 pizza topped with Stilton, foie gras, platinum Ossetra caviar, truffle and 24K gold leaves. Already, the Pop Candy Land Pizza is a fixture on Instagram, but we have trouble imagining who could finish a whole pie, let alone a slice.

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If after your dinner of brightly colored carbohydrates you feel like you didn’t get a good enough ‘gram, pop over to the nearby bar Watermark, where you can find gorgeous riverside views and the on-trend Siren, a frozen margarita served in a green mermaid-tail glass. Start brainstorming your Instagram captions now.