Our favorite pop culture food moments of 2016


What a year for pop culture! 2016 brought us some of our favorite TV shows back from the dead, hit music to jam out to in our own carpool karaokes and even video games that got us exploring the outside world! Everything was amazing, but if we had to vote on one of the greatest parts of 2016 popular culture, it would definitely be for the food. So, what better way to pay tribute to this year than with a video of our favorite food moments of 2016?

Who would have thought that candy and Razz Berries perfectly went together for Pokemon Go? And Stranger Things made us crave Eggos like we were eleven again. (See what we did there?) The word “lemonade” has all new meaning after Beyoncé’s surprise visual album dropped (we knew we couldn’t be the only ones carrying hot sauce in our bags). Gilmore Girls got us drinking coffee again, and then just plain ole’ drinking. Same goes for Game of Thrones — the latter, anyway. The best way to celebrate Leonardo DiCaprio’s Best Actor Oscar win was undoubtedly with a delicious bear claw. And finally in 2016, we learned we’re not throwing away our shot, à la Hamilton.

Can’t wait to eat in 2017!!

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