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When is dessert ever not an appropriate topic of conversation? Never? That’s what we thought. That said, let’s immediately get into these adorable poop emoji macarons created by Instagram famous baker Meghan Rosko, who’s basically the queen of magnificently creative macaron designs.

Spotted at Cosmopolitan, Rosko’s latest culinary treat combines two things we love: dessert and emojis. The beloved poop emoji is already a movie star, and with this treat, it will become the undeniable star of your plate. Now, unless you’re a dog, the idea of voluntarily chowing down on a pile of poop doesn’t sound the least bit appetizing, but these emoji sweets are proof that inventive humans can literally make a meal out of anything.

Rosko makes them with chocolate macarons then adds layers of fudge. Just look at these and tell us you don’t want a bite:

Apparently, macarons are the easiest thing to bake, but Rosko’s poop emoji creations are certainly incentive enough to give it a try.