Sammy Nickalls
July 22, 2015 11:06 am

When you’re grabbing breakfast at Dunkin’ Donuts first thing in the morning, you may be in a bit of a rush, and it’s tempting to buy your food, jump in the car, and start your day. But one policewoman took just a few minutes out of her day to help someone in need. . . and now, a photo of the event is rapidly spreading across the Internet.

TiAnna S. Greene of Ocala, Florida posted a collage of three photographs on Facebook last week. The images were of a policewoman having breakfast on the curb with a homeless man. “I don’t know this officer,” TiAnna wrote, “but, [sic] I admire her today and [every day].”

TiAnna wasn’t sure, but it looked as though the policewoman not only purchased the man’s breakfast, but sat down and ate with him. “Absolutely wonderful act of kindness that seemed to come naturally for her,” TiAnna wrote. “Although I was only blessed to witness less than [two] minutes of her kindness that definitely came from the heart, it truly made my morning!!”

TiAnna then urged anyone who may know the identity of the officer to “let her know that she made a difference today not only in the life of this gentleman, but, [sic] in the lives of everyone that she comes in contact with.”

When TiAnna’s photograph started to pick up traction, the local paper, Ocala Post, managed to identify the police officer as Ocala Police Department (OPD) Officer Sergeant Erica Hay, leader of the K-9 unit in the department. However, when they reached out to Hay, she was humble and very reluctant to speak on the matter.

“I absolutely did not do this for attention,” Sergeant Hay explained to the Ocala Post. “I was heading to Dunkin’ Donuts to get breakfast when I saw this man sitting by himself, so, I decided to buy him breakfast. I then went over, sat down, and ate breakfast with him.”

Hay told Ocala Post that he was a “very nice man who just has a sad story.” “He is a person,” she said. “I never met the man until today.”

Unfortunately, the Ocala Post could not find the man himself. However, the police department took to their Instagram to post TiAnna’s picture, “Sgt. Erica Hay caught in an act of kindness by a citizen. She bought [and] shared a meal with a homeless citizen – Serving [sic] citizens with a heart!”

“Thank you TiAnna S. Greene, for sharing this example of our officers’ commitment and concern for all of the citizens in our community,” the OPD told the Ocala Post. “We commend Sgt. Hay for serving Ocala with heart.”

As for TiAnna, she didn’t expect the attention she received when she posted the picture of Sargeant Hay helping a man in need. “I wasn’t expecting this [attention] at all,” TiAnna explained to the Ocala Post. “I just wanted to share because it truly touched me and brightened my day.”

We totally love this story and everything it represents: humility, kindness, sincerity, and a genuine love for humanity. Thank you, Sergeant Hay, for taking time out of your day to help someone in need — and thank you, TiAnna, for catching it all on camera. What an inspirational way to brighten everyone’s day!

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