Kit Steinkellner
September 06, 2015 10:49 am

A pizza is a pretty substantial dinner. As is a burrito. But what if you combined the two and wrapped a pizza AROUND a burrito (or a FEW burritos)? That’s a LOT of dinner. That’s probably TOO much dinner for anyone save the most fearless of eaters.

That said, as FoodBeast reports, there is a foodie pioneer on Imgur who created this behemoth of a meal- a large cheese pizza wrapped around three Chipotle burritos (and a couple handfuls of bacon) smothered the whole thing in cheese, baked the sucker, and cut into bite-size friends to share with all who could stomach this monster of a meal. The Imgur album was created 4 years ago (Wait, a pizzarito has existed for FOUR YEARS and WE DIDN’T KNOW ABOUT IT????) but the pics have only recently resurfaced. Maybe the world wasn’t ready before. Maybe the world will never be ready. Oh pizzarito, you contain so many mysteries… and so many burritos.

Check out some of the steps below, and if you are brave of heart and mighty of tummy, maybe you will dare to try this at home. If so, may the Food Gods guide and protect you on your dinner quest.

1.) Order one large, unsliced pizza

2.) Throw two pounds of bacon on top

3.) Next come the 3 Chipotle burritos

4.) Slice the outer edges, fold everything over, use a bunch of toothpicks to make sure the whole thing doesn’t fall apart and become an even bigger mess than it already is

5.) Cover in a couple cups of cheese

6.) Bake until cheese is “melted to a glue-like consistency” slice, serve, en-yoy!

Pizzarito, there are none other like you.

For the full recipe and ALL the pics, head over to Imgur.


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