There are those that will tell you that 2014 in pop culture was the year of the Booty. And that may be true. But, as Vogue points out, 2014 was also the year of the Pizza, with ‘za showing up in pop culture everywhere from fashion, to music, to the Academy cheesin’ Awards. Yes, pizza is a perennial favorite. Rarely do we come across someone who says “Pizza? Nah, I don’t care for pizza.” But it seems this year has been a particularly pizza-heavy slice of time. [Insert pepperoni joke here].

Some evidence, via the year’s most important pizza moments, below. Pizza, don’t leave us in 2015. We will always love you.

Pizza was so hot in 2014, Ellen invited it to the Oscars. And shared it with all her friends.

Pizza was so styling in 2014 that Katy Perry wore it after a concert in Philadelphia.

And then Cara Delevingne wore the same pizza in London, but she was a little shy.

Pizza was so fashionable in 2014 that even Queen Bey wore it. And she made it look damn amazing.

Pizza + Celebs = so hot in 2014 we learned about this man who makes celeb portraits out of pizza.

A girl in Boston known only as “Pizza Blonde” started this powerful pizza Instagram.

Pizza was so fresh in 2014 that former child star/current pizza lover Macaulay Culkin started touring around with The Pizza Underground: a pizza-themed Velvet Underground tribute band. They use pizza boxes as instruments and sometimes pass out slices.

People and teen reptiles like pizza so much they even made a new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie in 2014. Those turtles freaking love pizza. Cowabunga, dudes.

People in 2014 love pizza so much, they love it even when it’s gross. Which must be why Little Caesar’s came out with their new Soft Pretzel Crust pizza in 2014. A pizza coated in melted nacho cheese. Oh hell, nope. It happened though, and people ate it.

Even Blake Shelton voted for pizza in 2014, and signed on to be Pizza Hut’s new spokesperson. He even pretended to work at Pizza Hut, he likes pizza so much. We know you don’t work at a Pizza Hut, Blake.

Bitches love pizza,” at least according to this pint glass for sale in 2014. And yeah, our female dogs do always beg for table scraps when we’re eating pizza, so it must be true.

Foot fetish? More like pizza fetish. These are cool socks, though.

Pizza jewelry became a really powerful statement accessory.

Pizza made everyone do it in 2014. Literally, pizza fueled the entirety of this year.

No, seriously though — someone invite us to a pizza party for NYE. We’ll wear this shirt. And bring pizza.


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