The coolest new pizza topping: More pizza?!

They said we couldn’t do it. That we had already abused our power with bacon, that we flew too close to the sun. They said just stop when the going’s good, enjoy your meat lover’s pizza, and your cheesy cheese-lover’s pizza. But my friends, it’s happened. We have created pizza-lover’s pizza.

More specifically, Vinnie’s Pizzeria in Brooklyn has blessed us and achieved the impossible. Though yet to be “officially on the menu,” one can visit Vinnie’s on Bedford and give the ol’ wink and secret “code word” to one of their cashiers (hint: it’s “Can I have the pizza with mini-pizza toppings?”) and the future is yours.

The slices currently clock in at $5-bucks a piece, which in pizza math is pretty good considering there could be upwards of like, 4 “slices” total on that one bit of ‘zza. Delight your friends by buying a whole pie filled with mini-pies, make your haters green with envy on your pizza trend hipness, and send a message to your entire office that says, “Yes. I eat like a baby President who’s been given the keys to the world, what of it?”.

Is this a wave of the future or a sign of the end of days? No one can be quite sure, but one thing’s for certain: you better make your way over to Vinnie’s before they all sell out. If there’s anything we’ve learned from the legend of the cronut, it’s that food trends are often gobbled up fast.

(Images via Instagram)