Rachel Paige
June 01, 2015 6:00 am

Feats your eyes upon the most beautiful pizza topping ever created: mini pizzas. This is not an illusion. This is a piece of pizza sprinkled not with more cheese, or pepperoni, or any other of your fave pizza toppings either. It’s just a pizza, and it’s topped with more pizzas and it belongs in a food museum.

This masterpiece was created by Vinnie’s Pizzeria in Williamsburg, and was there a reason behind it? Not really. They just happened to encounter some pizza downtime, and started getting creative. “We basically just took another slice and cut it, like, into a little slice and then put it on top of the other slice,” a young gentleman at the joint explained to Gothamist, “You know what I mean?” Yes, we know exactly what you mean and now we’re wondering why this idea took so long to happen.

As for its price, that’s yet to be decided upon. Something like this honestly is priceless, so putting a monetary value on it isn’t really fair. However, Vinnie’s is thinking like “Four dollars…maybe five dollars? It’s basically like getting two slices.” It’s basically like eating the pizza of our dreams.

Vinnie’s is calling it the “Minni Vinnie” and we’re going to call it our #PizzaGoals from now on. It’s pizza on pizza, you guys!! The world is a magical place.

Images via here.