Sarah Terry
February 03, 2017 3:46 pm
Anadolu Agency / Getty

Last weekend, we were all stunned by the travel ban that was announced by the new administration. Hundreds of lawyers descended on airports to help those detained, and we wanted to find a way to help as well. A group that had helped feed people waiting in long lines at polling places, Pizza to the Polls, jumped into action to try and send pizzas to the hard working lawyers. Those pizzas didn’t actually make it, because sending anonymous food can be suspect, but they’re working out the kinks.

Pizza to the Polls announced that they’re trying to retool their site, so they can provide pizza for protests.

We think that is SUCH an awesome idea. Because pizza makes a great incentive for people to get out and make their voices heard. Plus, if you can’t make it to the protest, sending pizza would be a great way to contribute to the cause.

So far, Pizza to the Polls has raised $43,560 and delivered 2,368 pizzas. So they’ve got an awesome start, and they just need to figure out the logistics of providing pizzas to larger actions like protests.

Anadolu Agency / Getty

And Pizza to the Polls wasn’t the only group that thought of delivering pizzas to hungry protestors. In fact, plenty of pizzas did make it to JFK. According to The Daily Beast, a young Muslim woman named Fatimah and her father ordered 30 pizzas and brought them to protestors at JFK. And on the way, they called other friends from Islamic Centers, and they got 60 to 90 more pizzas delivered.

We are so impressed by these forward-thinking activists, and we really hope this becomes a thing. We can’t wait to see how Pizza to the Polls updates their site to make feeding protests another actionable option when you want to make your opinion heard. Plus, we bet it will make for more energized protests. Because everyone would enjoy a little pizza to pump up their activism and get them fired up.