Arielle Tschinkel
July 19, 2017 9:56 am
Marklen Kennedy /

Food hybrids are now the norm —  from the infamous Cronut to pizza cones, Instagram-ready foods have taken over. But back in 2005, long before we ‘grammed all of our meals, a Saturday Night Live sketch introduced a 15-flavor “pizza crepe taco pancake chili bag” from the fictional restaurant called Taco Town. Now, an SNL fan has created the Taco Town pizza taco IRL. And we’re equal parts impressed and nauseated.

In this October 2005 episode, Ashlee Simpson made her valiant return to the SNL stage, but the episode has also remained famous for its Taco Town 15-flavor taco monstrosity, starring Bill Hader, Chris Parnell, Andy Samberg, and Jason Sudeikis. Check out the original sketch here:

If you didn’t quite catch all of that, a Taco Town taco includes “a crunchy, all-beef taco smothered in nacho cheese, lettuce, tomato, and special southwestern sauce…wrapped in a soft, flour tortilla with a layer of refried beans…wrapped in a savory corn tortilla with a middle layer of Monterey Jack cheese…wrapped in a deep-fried gordita shell smeared with ‘guacamolito’ sauce…baked in a corn husk filled with pico de gallo…”

Take a breath. There’s more:

If you think this sounds as glorious as we do, you will enjoy the real-life attempt at the creation, made by YouTube star Andrew Rea for his series Binging with Babish.

It somehow looks less insane when created in real life, and we’re inspired by Rea’s dedication to his craft. In fact, he says it was “pretty good.” Our digestive systems aren’t quite sure how to feel about this, but it certainly looks pretty delicious…right? RIGHT?!

Bon appétit.