As a queen, ahem, president of a very serious pizza club, people often alert me to innovations in the pizza scene. A creative way to make pizza portable (aside from carrying it around in your hand) is something that I always seek. ::lowers sunglasses:: We’ve all made the joke about a pizza being so delicious, we want to “carry it around in our pocket” to eat later. (Haven’t we???)

Well, my Facebook wall experienced a recent onslaught of links leading to one very interesting pizza-themed invention. This, right here, is a Pizza Pouch, specifically designed to bring a backup slice wherever you go. While we’ve seen pizza jewelry before, this is a literal pizza necklace. OH MY STARS!!!! The heavens, they have answered our pizza prayers!

Honestly, I am a little concerned that the toppings will just get smashed inside this plastic sleeve, but desperate times call for desperate measures, amirite? It also has a zip-lock to prevent your slice of ‘za from jumping out and into the mouth of someone else. Believe me, there are pizza thieves everywhere.

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