pizza box
Credit: Pizza Hut Restaurants UK /

We’re sure pizza lovers will agree that nothing makes the process of inhaling slice after slice more enjoyable than some good company and music. Apparently, Pizza Hut is aware of the essential partnership between food and music because the chain just stopped us in our tracks with its latest pizza box reinvention: the almighty turntable pizza box.


If you just shrieked, “WHATTHEWHAT?! How exactly does this work and where can I get this awesomeamazing contraption?” you’re in good company. Billboard reports that the Pizza DJ Deck (AKA, the gift you didn’t know you needed) is actually comprised of a real cardboard box bearing “printed turntable mechanics.” But this is where it gets serious: Users can connect the box to their phones via Bluetooth or laptop to use it with DJ mixing software.

This is almost better than the pizza box made out of pizza, no?

Pizza Hut UK is planning to give away five DJ decks, which regrettably places us in the wrong time zone. Still that doesn’t stop us from drooling over it. #want

Professional DJs probably don’t recommend eating pizza and spinning tunes at the same time, but with this pizza box turntable on our hands, we definitely wouldn’t make any promises.