Remember back in June, when Pizza Hut rolled out a brand new pizza. . . with hot dog crust? We thought that junk food lovechild of our dreams / nightmares was going to be enough to last at least a year, but turns out that hot dog pizza wouldn’t even be the last Franken-pie we would be getting from Pizza Hut this year. That’s right: we’ve now got breadstick pizza. YES, BREADSTICK PIZZA. Bring it, and then watch us eat all of it.

The creation, entitled “Twisted Crust Pizza,” is the perfect solution to those nights when you’re tearing your hair out, fretting over whether you want pizza or breadsticks. (Somehow, ordering both just seems like too much, even though — let’s be honest — we’ve ALL done it.) The twisted breadstick-crust is dusted with herbs and cheese, and it comes with your choice of either marinara, Buffalo ranch, or cheddar cheese dipping sauce. Are you drooling right now? Because we totally are.

“We are not afraid to experiment with new and innovative flavor combinations for our food, but sometimes it’s the most obvious innovations that amaze us the most – and Twisted Crust is an example of an innovation that has done just that,” Jared Drinkwater, vice president of marketing at Pizza Hut, said in a statement.

“We know America loves our pizza, but we have enormous, loyal group of Pizza Hut breadstick lovers out there, too,” he continued. “We believe our new Twisted Crust Pizza is the ultimate flavor combination of these two popular items that consumers will absolutely love.”

Want a pie right now? You can get it. Like, RIGHT NOW. It’s available for ordering as of yesterday, and it’s $11.99 for the whole pizza — including one topping and two (yes, two) dipping sauces for your lovely breadstick crust. OK, Twisted Crust Pizza, get over here. You’ve got a date with my belly.

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