Caroline Gerdes
Updated January 15, 2015

If you needed more proof that the “gluten-free” movement is way more than just a trend, consider what’s going on the fast food world. Pizza Hut just announced it will start slinging gluten-free ‘za on January 26. That’s right, one of the largest pizza delivery chains in the country has adapted their menu to accommodate the growing number of customers with dietary and allergy-related concerns, who still want a slice or six.

Pizza Hut will offer 10-inch gluten-free pizzas in either cheese or pepperoni flavors at 2,400 of its 6,300 domestic locations. For those carving out gluten to cut back on calories, a slice of pepperoni will weigh in at 170 calories and a slice of cheese at 150 calories.

The chain which promises, “All the flavor, hold the gluten,” partnered with Udi’s Gluten Free and worked with the Gluten Intolerance Group to ensure that pizzas are safely made and assembled for those with Celiac Disease. Employees preparing the gluten-free pies will wear gloves, bake the fresh to order pizza on parchment paper and use a designated gluten-free pizza cutter.

For those who want the gluten-free crust for non-medical dietary purposes, you can create your own pizza with the Udi’s crust, though it will not be prepared with the same allergy precautions.

Pizza Hut isn’t the first chain to add gluten-free options to their gluten-only menu. Dunkin’ Donuts actually introduced GF donuts in 2013. Meanwhile, Dominos enter the gluten-free domain in 2012, perhaps a little too eager to beat the competition. They had to add a note of caution for people with Celiac’s disease.

“Domino’s and the NFCA found that while the crust is certified as gluten free, current store operations at Domino’s cannot guarantee that each handcrafted pizza will be completely free from gluten,” the company’s news release stated.

That may be why Pizza Hut is taking extra precautions with their crusts, training pizza-makers to follow a specified “gluten-free kit” that ensures no gluten gets caught in the crossfires while the pie’s being made. But if you’ve got more allergy-related questions, PH is fielding a bunch of them over at their website.

Now, we just need to find some gluten-free brew to round out pizza night, and we’ll be set.

(Images via Pizza Hut and via)