Emma Lord
Updated Mar 11, 2015 @ 10:55 am

Every now and then I’m just so darn proud of the Internet I don’t know what to do with myself, and never have I felt that harder than when I first beheld this PizzaCat meme inspired birthday cake. You are probably all too familiar with this image of an unsuspecting cat who is rocking a pizza bonnet that knocks Cosette from Les Miserables out of the water, but as much as you loved him, you probably weren’t hardcore enough to commission an entire three tier confection in his honor. Luckily, someone else took care of the work for us, and the pictures of cake have been rolling around in the tabloids all this week.

I’m gonna be real honest, guys. I worked in an upscale cake design bakery for an entire six months of my human life, and never once did a customer ask for anything nearly as awesome as this:

JUST LOOK at all that gloriously confusing fondant pepperoni and cheese. I can’t stop staring at it because my taste buds genuinely cannot figure out what to feel. Am I craving pizza? Am I craving cake? What on earth is the social decorum for choosing the inside flavor of a cake shaped like pizza with a furry critter perched on top of it?

The cake was brought to life by Las Vegas bakery Gimme Some Sugar, and I would like to take this opportunity to thank them on behalf of the entire cake-eating population. My only regret in life was not scoring myself an invite to this birthday party so I could figure out what the flavor was myself, and also get as close to meeting the celebrity that is PizzaCat as I’ll probably ever get on this earth. This is truly a beautiful day for junk food lovers and cat enthusiasts, one and all.

(Images from here and here.)