Gabriela Herstik
Updated Aug 22, 2017 @ 5:18 pm

It’s no stretch to say that the ’90s are back. While we’re used to seeing mesh everything, chokers, and Lisa Frank, there are some ’90s trends that we didn’t expect to resurface. Like our favorite childhood lunch. But it’s happened: Pizza and Treatza Lunchables boxes are BACK, and this is the moment our overgrown-child selves have been waiting for.

If you’ve been looking to feed your nostalgic inner child, then head to your local grocery store or Target because these bad boys are on shelves. Plus, for only $2.99, they feel like more of a steal than ever.

Now you can have your ’90s throwback lunch and eat it, too, all in a fun and familiar DIY fashion.

These Pizza and Treatza Lunchables come with the works: pizza crust, Kraft mozzarella shreds, tomato sauce for your regular, lunch-approved pizza, and chocolate frosting and candy-coated chocolate chips for your treatza pizza! And, to make this all even more nostalgic, each box includes a Roarin’ Waters Capri Sun.

While these may not be the healthiest snack, Mashable points out that in addition to their indulgent 29 grams of sugar and 520 mg of sodium, each serving also contains 12 grams of protein — which kind of makes them worth it, right? If you’re ever feeling sad, lazy, or simply in need of some carby childhood comfort, then look no further.

For a moment, thanks to Lunchables, you can finally feel like everything’s alright in the world.