Rebecca Vineyard
Updated Aug 23, 2015 @ 2:19 pm
pixar pancake

It’s a pretty solid week for visually-impressive food. First, the Internet lost its collective mind over a beautiful bread lion; then, we learned that Pixar pancakes exist, and our standards for breakfast food have been irrevocably raised.

That’s right: Pixar. Pancakes.

You see, Daniel Drake, perhaps better known as “Doctor Dan the Pancake Man,” has been cooking up some pretty Incredible creations and showing them off on his YouTube channel. In fact, when you see the method by which he creates his breakfast-y masterpieces Inside Out, you’re sure to think he’s Brave.

Okay, we apologize for the terrible Pixar puns; truly, though, Doctor Dan’s pancakes are MARVELous (he also has a video showcasing his renderings of the Avengers ).

Dan uses squeeze bottles full of colored pancake batter to hand-draw his creations on a skillet, flipping them over to reveal beautiful, extremely detailed portraits. They’re so well-crafted that there is even actual shading to the colors, creating a level of depth and detail you probably had no idea was possible in pancake form.

Doctor Dan’s collection of Pixar pancakes includes characters from Cars, Ratatouille, Monsters, Inc., Toy Story, and Finding Nemo, among others. According to TIME, it’s over 75 pancakes in total; we’re glad they counted, because we were far too busy watching the video in awe.

One potentially unexpected byproduct of the video is the internal conflict we experienced: First, total child-like delight in these gorgeous confections, which makes sense given that’s what Pixar’s films also make us feel. (We may or may now have squealed with delight as the doughy likeness of Dory was revealed.) Then, we felt hunger: While Doctor Dan’s creations are beautiful, they do look pretty tasty, too.

These Pixar pancakes may be too good too eat, but we’ll think of them wistfully every time our attempts at heart-shaped pancakes go lopsided, or our smiley-face pancakes get droopy and look more like a grimace. In the meantime, we’ll keep watching Doctor Dan’s videos—there’s one dedicated to Samuel L. Jackson characters that we’re definitely going to check out next.

(Image via YouTube.)