Karen Belz
March 03, 2017 9:28 am

Feel like baking this weekend? Well, do we have the project for you. Piñata cakes look exactly how they sound, and they’re delicious to boot. Even if you don’t have a birthday or a celebration coming up, there are plenty of reasons as to why you might want to spend some time in the kitchen. For example, you love Saturdays — shouldn’t they be cake-worthy? And uh, hey — Logan is premiering today. We’re pretty sure that Hugh Jackman would love it if you made a piñata cake to honor the film’s release.

(We can think of a billion other excuses, but let’s cut it off there for now and get right into the good stuff.)

When you slice through a piñata cake, candy comes spilling out. So really, it’s just like playing your favorite childhood party game without the frustration.

Here are a few of our favorites from Instagram.

Tessa’s Bakery showcased this rainbow piñata cake, which seriously looks too good to eat. This seems like the perfect cake for the sugar addict, or for the person who loves incorporating a lot of color onto their dessert plate. (Hey, they tell us to eat colorful food — this has to count, right?)

Uh, a cake filled with cookies? Well, we didn’t even know that was possible. This piñata cake is the definition of “the best of both worlds.” In fact, with cakes like this in existence, we might never look at cake the same way again.

This colorful layered cake is the perfect treat for Easter! Since Easter falls on April 16th this year, you’ve got plenty of time to practice your cake-making skills before your big family party. Trust us — bring this, and you’ll be all people talk about.

An incredible baker named Nelle created a piñata cake at home that looks like everything we’ve ever dreamed of. Seriously, this cake has everything — color, chocolate, and a whole lot of candy.

This cake is pretty in pink! Seriously, this cake looks way fancier than the ones showcased so far, so we can definitely see it at a big and important event, like a bridal shower or a gender reveal party. (Or, if you want to make a giant pink cake while you watch Netflix. Hey, it’s an important event to us.)

See what’s happening here? Seriously — can you see it? It’s a unicorn! Might as well make the outside of your cake as magical as the inside, right?

Sure, Valentine’s Day may be over, but love is in the air constantly. If it’s an anniversary (or even a proposal) why not surprise your loved one with a cake with their favorite heart candies pouring out of it? This cake is the perfect way to communicate passion and love if you’re not the greatest at expressing it verbally.

We’re not alone in our cake-love. The ladies and gentleman at Cosmopolitan are so enamored with the piñata cake that they posted this fun video which is almost mesmerizing.

Watch as a gorgeous ruffle cake gets filled with edible confetti.

So, what are you waiting for? Go out there and stock up on some candy!