pimple cupcakes
Credit: Instagram/drpimplepopper

People might be challenging the humble cupcake and it’s dominance over the confectionary world, but we have to say that we’re still totally obsessed with the sweet and tasty little guys. We’re totally blown away every time someone does something different and magical with them, whether that be making a face mask, cupcake Oreos, this shark decorating them, and even the humble vanilla cupcake, we just love ’em.

Of course, people have done outlandish things with cupcakes before. However, we’re pretty sure this might be the craziest and most disgusting one yet: Pimple cupcakes that you can actually squeeze!

Dr Sandra Lee is a dermatologist living in California who is quite popular on Facebook for sharing graphic videos of zits being squeezed and actual surgeries, too.

Recently Dr Lee, who also goes by the name “Dr Pimple Popper”, shared a video of some cupcakes that she’d had delivered by bakery Blessed by Baking. The cupcakes were actual replicas of pimples that you can pop! *shudders*.

While this video is nowhere near as gory as actual pimple popping ones, it’s still pretty gross.

We’re not sure we’d necessarily be able to handle eating one of these, do you?