Life brings a ton of things to stress out about, but those problems don’t necessarily have to be catastrophic in nature to put us on edge. Nothing illustrates that point better than this photo of a sleeping train passenger and her pizza on the London tube, which has left the internet in complete shambles.

This year has seen its share of pizza-related scandals, from some of the horrified reactions to the most disgusting pizza toppings known to mankind to the almighty pizza pineapple debate that we’re just gonna breeze on past in order to avoid sparking even more food-related drama.

Besides, this pizza photo in question has riled up enough people all on its own, and when you see it, the pizza lover in you will probably let out a dramatic gasp before coming completely unglued. Let’s see, how can we explain it?

She’s sitting down, and her pizza has slid out of the box and is dangerously close to the…ugh, we can’t go on.

See for yourself.

According to BBC reporter James Longman, this food tragedy took place at 8 a.m. We’ve all had those rough mornings where nothing goes right, but we can’t imagine starting the day off at such a low point.

But the collectively horrified internet seemed to have more sympathy for the pizza.

But one lone individual feels her pain.

As much angst as this photo has wrought upon the interwebz, we’re kind of surprised at how much attention the pizza received. Longman even suggested a crowdfunding campaign to get the passed out passenger a new pie, which suggests that #pizzapower isn’t about to die down anytime soon.