Angelica Florio
Updated Dec 03, 2017 @ 6:35 pm
Credit: Moon Cycle Bakery /

Everyone should know that women can do anything while on their periods. But sometimes, it helps to have some extra support. Especially in the form of chocolate treats. A new period subscription service from Moon Cycle Bakery now provides just that: They deliver period brownies to your doorstep. So when it’s your time of the month, you can get that extra sugary goodness when you need it the most.

Period brownies aren’t just any brownies, though. They’re special brownies — and not in the way you’re thinking. These aren’t your run-of-the-mill pot brownies we’re talking about. Moon Cycle Bakery’s period brownies are vitamin-infused treats that help support your hormones. “We deliver delicious treats that that not only taste good – but hug your body with carefully selected, hormone-supportive ingredients designed to nourish you from the inside out,” Moon Cycle Bakery’s website states.

When you hear the words “vitamins” and “hormones,” you might think that the period brownies won’t actually satisfy your PMS chocolate cravings. But there are plenty of delicious ingredients in them too. Plus, Moon Cycle Bakery also helps you track your period, which can never be a bad thing. And what could be better than receiving a box of delicious goodies right to your door when those hormones tell you must have chocolate? Nothing, that’s what.

Behold: period brownies.

But period brownies aren’t the only treats Moon Cycle Bakery delivers.

You can also get delicious-looking donuts (in Millennial pink, no less), coconut bites, and more.

Um, can we have one even if we’re not on our period, please?

The Washington State-based bakery has an empowering mission too.

According to their website, Moon Cycle Bakery wishes to help women celebrate their periods. Their six values include self-care, self-love, quality, empowerment, community, and celebration. Can’t argue with that.

You can sign up for their packages which range from $15 to $30, each with free shipping. All you have to do is create a profile on their website and voilà! You have period amenities at your convenience. The fact that the treats have special fiber and omega-3 rich ingredients to help alleviate cramps is just the cherry on top. Literally — cherries have lots of fiber!

Sign-ups for the delivery service officially open on December 15th, so mark your calendars and start tracking your flows.