Fellow bloggers, tweeters, readers, gossipers, latte lovers, students—spending time in a coffee shop is what we do and, boy oh boy, do we do it well. I spend so much time in coffee shops, the people around me have become my muses. So, I decided to draw them with love. You might recognize some of them from your local java joint.

1) The writer.

He’s been sipping that same cup of coffee for the past 3 hours and he’s not afraid to stare into space (while looking like he’s staring directly at you) in order to come up with the perfect ending for his soon-to-be novel.

2) The gossips.

Those two people who you can’t not listen to even if you don’t know who they’re talking about.

3) The blogger.

She’s got her coffee shop visit mapped out. She knows exactly what she’ll order and won’t spend an extra minute messing around online because she’s got important blogging business to take care of. She’ll be wearing her headphones, but will most likely listening to nothing at all — she just can’t afford any outside distractions — she’s got work to do.

4) The mooch.

That guy that only orders water and then sits all day inside the coffee shop hogging up the internet and the prime location plugs. He arrives bright and early at the start of the day and will linger until the shop is closing up. You’ll find him streaming movies or television shows online while downloading everything he can.

5) The disgruntled professor.

He’s convinced that the coffee shop he’s sitting in is a library – a very silent library, to be exact. Any sound or loud talking won’t go unnoticed by this focused dude. He’s got a paper to grade or a dissertation to write and he needs zero distractions to complete it. He’s educated on the current state of the environment, so he’s sure to bring along his own reusable mug, which has managed to cover the cozy window table in the shop with layers of coffee rings.

*All illustrations by me, Nicole Daddona!