Karen Fratti
Updated Aug 26, 2017 @ 11:55 am
Portrait Of Monkey Eating Banana In River
Credit: Chalotorn Patamo /EyeEm/Getty Images

If there’s one thing Twitter is good for, it’s bickering about the seemingly smallest stuff to the point that it gets vicious. For example, right now, in the darkest annals of the internet, people are fighting about how ripe to eat their bananas. And it is getting nasty.

Although it seems like no big thing, knowing which kind of bananas your friends prefer to eat for breakfast is very illuminating. Like, so much so that it could jeopardize your relationship. It’s already happening on Twitter! (We jest, but things ARE getting real.)

Here’s how it all started: Someone posted a picture of bananas all arranged in a circle, in varying stages of ripeness indicated by different numbers, and asked people to respond with what number(s) they like to eat.

You’re gonna be be shocked to know how ripe, and unripe, people eat their bananas.

It turned into a banana-themed version of that game “f*ck, marry, or kill,” basically. And when people choose to eat, toss, or make banana bread with their fruit is just as, if not more, revealing of their character. Many people, as you might imagine, choose to eat a banana when it has as few brown spots on it as possible. Hey, we’re only human, and things that are visually appealing, well, appeal to us.

But! There are other people out there who swear by the brown spots, insisting that those ones are actually the most ripe and therefore, The Most Delicious. Others wouldn’t touch a semi-brown banana even to use it in a muffin mix.

Which begs the second question: Who’s right?

Drum roll, pleeeeaaase….Bananas with brown spots are actually not rotting. They’re the most ripe.

So this poor, poor person is actually WRONG.

That banana is the healthiest.

According to researchers in Japan, a banana gets sweeter as it gets riper, which you probably already knew just from being alive all these years. What you might not know is that those sugars are good for you — they make the banana easier to digest. Bananas, as they ripen, also produce antioxidants and they become eight times more effective at boosting your immune system. Eight times! So the darker the brown spots, the healthier the banana is for you. false

But we don’t eat food just for our health, even if we’re supposed to. Otherwise, a genius never would have thought to put bacon on salads. Although the banana is easier to digest and is better for you when it has brown spots, sometimes those sugars make the banana super mushy (since they broke down all the starches) and frankly, the sweet factor is only appealing if you like sweet things. Some people think unripe bananas taste better.

Also, if you have Type 2 diabetes, the sugars in the ripe banana with brown spots can be dangerous, so experts recommend pairing it with nut butter. This is also a good idea if you’re using super ripe bananas in your smoothies.

So, it really all depends on your personal tastes and health needs Plus, there are other things to fight about once you get to the bottom of when a banana is actually ripe.

Here we go again…