Credit: Getty Images/Amber Norris Photography

Along with budding flowers, gentle breezes, and slowly rising temperatures, the appearance of Peeps in the drug store is a sure sign that spring is coming. The sugary-squishy marshmallow delights generally come in many colors but one standard flavor, which you can roughly describe as “sugary.” Yum. But recently, the inventive folks at Peeps have branched out. Their offerings now include Peeps in flavors like blueberry, orange, lemon, coconut, and party cake. There are even chocolate dipped specimens. And for the past few years, they’ve also been releasing an annual batch of mystery peeps flavors. Last year’s contenders included chocolate milk, buttered popcorn, and sour cherry, all flavors more likely found in a bag of jellybeans than in a marshmallow treat. This year, the folks at Peeps sent us three new mystery flavors and, in the name of science, we had our staff members taste them and guess the flavor. Some of did pretty well, and some of us did, OK, not so well.

Mystery taste tests are difficult! Even when one of the mystery Peeps flavors—spoiler—is very aligned with our interests. Could you have done better?

This article originally appeared in Extra Crispy.