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Apparently Unicorn Poop is real. That is, if you eat a bunch of Peeps-flavored Oreos.

The Twittersphere is reporting that the new Easter treat has an alarming side-effect: bright pink poop.

If you can exercise some restraint, you might not experience the colorful outcome. But if you, like so many of us, have trouble not eating an entire package of Oreos, chances are high that your body will expel some totally punk-rock ’80s hue of fuchsia.

Or dye your tongue the color of Cyndi Lauper’s hair.

What are they doing to your organs?

We wonder: do Peeps Oreos turn your digestive track into Candy Land?

The Peeps Oreos side-effect has lasting power.

Peep in your mouth: for good.

According to AdWeek, it only takes one or two Peeps Oreos to do this trick.

The real kicker.

Like beets.

Though we now feel less inclined toward the seasonal cookies, some of you may feel differently. (Although you should also know that the food additive Red 3 has been known to interfere with thyroid function.)

But, if you’ve ever wanted to poop Peeps, now’s your chance.

We have a feeling the company will rethink this recipe. Then again, no press is bad press, right?