Rachel Paige
Updated Mar 05, 2015 @ 7:44 pm

Just in time for Easter, there’s going to be a roll-out of Peeps flavored milk. No need to reread that sentence, it’s true. Peeps milk is happening. Those little cartons of marshmallow bunnies and chickens are going to start coming in a different kind of carton. A milk carton. Something tells me they won’t mix well with Cheerios.

Prairie Farms Dairy has gone ahead and created a beverage we didn’t know we needed. The Peeps milk will come in three different varieties: chocolate marshmallow, marshmallow and Easter eggnog. Honestly, it’s probably just like ridiculously super sweet milk, with a little bit of coco and marshmallow flavoring thrown in. The Easter eggnog, on the other hand, probably tastes just like eggnog, but a thousand times sweeter. Be prepared for a sugar rush, via a nice tall glass of milk. But we won’t know for sure until we try, and we probably will. “Our customers want variety and we’re thrilled to partner with PEEPS to bring America’s newest milk flavors to the dairy case. Prairie Farms PEEPS Milk is 100 percent real milk balanced with just the right amount of premium ingredients to deliver sweet PEEP-tastic flavor sure to delight consumers of all ages,” said Rebecca Leinenbach, Prairie Farms Vice President of Marketing and Communications in the official press release, “The PEEPS Milk carton graphics will stand apart from other products in the dairy case. They are colorful and playful and feature the beloved PEEPS shapes along with fun recipes on the side panels.” Oh, you didn’t mention recipes before. So what can we use our Peeps milk with, besides just chugging it right out of the container?

Now that you mention it, baking with this milk actually sounds like a great idea.

Only real downside to all of this is that the Peeps milk is only available in certain states — Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Minnesota, Michigan, Mississippi, Tennessee, and very specific regions of Wisconsin, Iowa, and Ohio. You just might have to wait until Peeps milk sweeps through your local grocery store. But our friends in the Midwest — we seriously NEED to know if it’s magical to bake with this chocolate Peeps milk.

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