If you’re a big fan of Peeps, this has probably been a bonus year for you. Not only have they unleashed a ton of new flavors for their marshmallow products, but Peeps-flavored Italian ice will be coming to Rita’s next week. Thanks to the popular franchise, now you’ll be able to enjoy your favorite candy in a form you haven’t been able to sample in quite awhile.

The seasonal flavor was set to be officially unleashed right after Rita’s famous First Day of Spring Free Italian Ice Giveaway, which happened on March 20. Otherwise known as “that magical day where you can get a free Italian ice.”

Y’know. Pretty much the best day in the entire world, next to Christmas.

This year marked the 25th anniversary of the holiday, which is why the Rita’s team wanted to make both the day — and the full season — so enjoyable.

So, here’s what we know about the delicious Peeps flavor that already has quite the following:

It’ll be available for just a limited time, so you’ll want to go and visit your local Rita’s ASAP. The day to go? March 27th. While a “sneak peek” is already available in a few locations, that’s the day of its official release.

We got word that it’ll only be in stock until April 7th (or while supplies last) so you need to get your fix between those two dates.

That’s not all — the Peeps flavor, which tastes like your standard Peep (so, amazing) is just the beginning of candy flavors that’ll be unveiled at Rita’s.

Throughout the season, you can expect a Twizzlers variety (which we can imagine noted Twizzlers fan Ryan Gosling would be all about) and a Hawaiian Punch flavored ice, because Rita’s obviously knows what we crave.

So, now that your calendars are officially marked, you can plan your Peeps-related activities accordingly.