monkey banana
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Prepare to have your mind blown. Just when you thought you knew everything there was to know about nature’s delicious yellow sweet treat, the banana, you learn something that changes everything.

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As it turns out, bananas aren’t meant to be peeled from their stem. They’re much more easily peeled from the opposite end. How did we find this out? By simply watching the animal kingdom’s resident banana aficionados, monkeys. According to a video posted by YouTube user Crazy Bananas (who we get the feeling might know a thing or two about bananas), monkeys peel bananas opposite of the way most humans do. And they don’t do it just because they lack our intelligence. In fact, they do it because it’s the much smarter way to peel a banana.

Instead of struggling with a banana from the stem (and hoping in your struggle you don’t just end up pulling the whole thing in half because you don’t have the patience for it), simply flip the fruit over and pinch the black end. In doing so, the banana will easily open and you can effortlessly peel the yellow covering away, revealing the completely in tact (and delicious) fruit underneath.

Watch and see how easy it is for yourself:

And there you have it. It’s a valuable life hack straight from mother nature herself that has been hiding in plain sight this entire time.

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