Jill Layton
Updated Aug 14, 2015 @ 6:46 am

It’s not often that M&M’s releases a new flavor, so when they do, we take notice. Partly because we love M&M’s and new flavors in general, but mostly because chocolate. We like anything new and intriguing that happens to classic candy — but only if the classic version is still available, of course. Good thing for us, M&M’s would never do away with its original, but they would definitely add a flavor that M&M fans have been requesting for a long time — Pecan Pie! And just in time for Fall.

Each Fall, Pumpkin Spice takes all the flavor glory, but not this year — at least, not according to M&M’s. The candy was recently spotted on the shelves at Walgreens, and since August is already half over, we’re gonna go head and call it — Fall is here! Ok, technically it’s not here until September, but Pecan Pie M&M’s, you guys.

The Pecan Pie-flavored M&M’s won’t have an actual pecan inside, because figuring out how to get a big nut inside such a tiny shape seems hard (shout out to the peanut and the almond, though), but the flavor is definitely Pecan Pie. We can only imagine the excitement Pecan Pie fanatics are feeling right now!

Aside from the crisp temperatures, the leaves changing colors and a solid reason to wear sweaters, boots and flannels, the best part of Fall is the flavors — and Pecan Pie is no exception.

[Images via Twitter]