Elizabeth Entenman
August 16, 2015 3:20 pm

Every once and a while, a candy comes along that changes everything. See: Peanut Butter Twix. Butterfinger Crisp. Milky Way Midnight. We could go on. Well, this fall we’ll be adding a new candy to that delectable list: Pecan Pie M&Ms. Oh, yes: They did.

The Pecan Pie M&Ms package features the Green M&M holding up a hearty slice of pecan pie with a sizable dollop of whipped cream. The stage is clearly set for fall: She’s donned a pair of red cowboy boots and is sitting atop a hay bale. Colorful leaves are falling from the sky. She’s even nibbling on a stalk of wheat. Yes, it is indeed fall.

We love this idea for so many reasons. One, it’s getting us so psyched for autumn. Two, we love everything related to Thanksgiving — more specifically, Thanksgiving desserts. And really, above all else, fall flavors are simply the best.

Now, I appreciate what M&Ms did here. They could have just brought Candy Apple M&Ms or Pumpkin Spice M&Ms back and called it a day. (Oh yes, those are real things from seasons past.) But instead of shouting “PUMPKIN FLAVORED EVERYTHING!” they chose to expand the fall flavor portfolio to include pecan pie. We are literally having our cake (pie?) and eating it too.

The pecan pie-flavored morsels are expected to hit shelves at Walmart mid-fall, right around Halloween. But! Some shoppers have already spotted them in the wild. TheImpulsiveBuy.com reports they “have an artificial pecan pie flavor.” Hey, I’ll take it.

(Images via M&Ms)