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We know there’s a lot of flavors of yogurt out there, some milk-based, some soy-based…and now pea-based?! Yup, pea yogurt might be the newest addition to the non-dairy movement, reported Food & Wine. Why not, right?

Okay, you may be thinking — PEAS?! But hear us out. Pea yogurt may be coming to us soon from Ripple, the Silicon Valley startup that created pea milk, according to Fast Company. ICYMI, their pea milk came out in Whole Foods back in 2015 and became ~super~ popular, with demand for the milk growing 300 percent in a year. Crazy! So if pea milk’s such a hit, why ~not~ pea yogurt?

How will it be done, you may wonder? Good question!

The company hopes to make plant-based dairy products for vegans and non-vegans alike. Plus, the pea yogurt won’t taste like peas — don’t worry! Tbh, we were!

We are truly fascinated. But if you want to go out and buy pea yogurt rn, you’ll have to wait…and maybe till next year. First, Ripple is launching pea half-and-half (!) in July. The yogurt won’t launch until later this year or early next year. The main ingredient in each? “Ripptein,” the same proprietary ingredient in Ripple’s pea milk that takes away the plant taste but leaves the protein, according to Fast Company.

We’d definitely try it! You?! After all, yogurt is yogurt. In one word: Yum.