Karen Belz
Updated Apr 22, 2016 @ 9:25 am
Credit: http://ripplefoods.com / Shutterstock

For those who are dairy-sensitive, or simply can’t get behind the idea of drinking cow’s milk, there have been a ton of alternatives that help make our morning cereal feel more complete. And now, you can add “pea milk” to the list of dairy substitutes. You read that right. Pea milk. Milk made from peas.

While we never envisioned drinking peas in the past, Adam Lowry, co-founder of cleaning supply company Method, insists that this is the way of the future. After unleashing the fact that dairy milk takes about 1,000 gallons of water create (for ONE GALLON of milk), he figured there had to be a way to create a more sustainable product. That’s why he started up Ripple, a company dedicated to making a milk product out of pea plants. The product, it turns out, is creamy, satisfying, and tastes nothing like peas. In fact, Lowry believes it tastes an awful lot like the cow’s milk we grew up with.

Taste was one of the most important things for Lowry to get right. Obviously if the product doesn’t satisfy your taste buds, you’re not going to be on board. “If you just make pea milk the way that you make almond milk, with regular yellow peas, you can get a very high protein beverage, but it frankly tastes terrible,” Lowry said in an interview with Co.exist. “That’s because if you put a lot of peas in the milk, it’s going to taste like peas.”


High demand could mean really good things for our environment. And Ripple could mean good things for your diet, as well. The milk will have the same amount of protein as regular milk (eight grams — by comparison, almond milk has about two, per 8-oz serving) and a bunch of calcium and Vitamin D. In fact, the only thing that seems to be unfavorable about pea milk is — well, it’s made of peas, one of our least favorite childhood vegetables.

But, let’s put our brave faces on. Chances are, we’ll barely know the difference when Ripple becomes available. Speaking of availability, Whole Foods is stocking the product — which will be available in original, unsweetened, vanilla, and chocolate — on May 2nd, and you can snag 49 ounces of it for just $4.99. After this run, Ripple will be looking into more stores that’ll carry it.