Ashley Rey
April 01, 2017 6:51 am

The pizza connoisseurs over at Papa John’s aren’t selling gallons of garlic sauce anytime soon. And the news came dressed as an ugly April Fool’s prank. Papa John’s hinted that their garlicky magic would be making its way to storefronts soon. Only later to announce that it was all a joke! Even worse, it ended up wrapping POPSUGAR food editor Erin Cullum up in the shenanigans.

So, the story goes like this. Cullum got a tip that she’d be receiving a special package to her desk, with the purpose of announcing the news to readers. A personal gallon-sized bottle of the braggadocio’s sauce was delivered to her office moments later. And upon arrival, Cullum did her journalistic duty and inquired about the number of stores it’d be available in.

That’s when Cullum was told that Papa John’s garlic sauce coming to stores was only an April Fool’s prank.

You have to admit…they did get us pretty good. But, if there’s one thing you don’t play with, it’s our food. And this prank is almost unforgivable.

The brand kept the joke up on Twitter today.

Just look at this fictional glory.

Brands all around the world are having a whole lot of hoot and a little bit of nanny with April Fool’s. We’re all trying to avoid the jokes, but it’s so hard when we WANT TO BELIEVE there are things like family-sized jugs of garlic sauce and airlines with puppy flight attendants. Honestly, we’re always up for a joke, but sometimes it gets taken too far and our hearts break. We’re looking at YOU, GEORGE TAKEI.

Lucky for Cullum, her gallon of goodness was totally real. And even luckier for us, she’s so graciously shared her coupon code “garlicsauce” to grab extra helpings on the sauce when you order a pizza April 1 and 2.